It’s a bittersweet moment when you finally finish your notebook. You know it’s time to move on to a new notebook, but it’s hard.

Maybe because it was a gift from someone special, or it’s been with you through your toughest days, or maybe it’s just too pretty to be left fading from the sunlight that hits your bookshelf.

But what if you won’t have to say goodbye anymore?

The solution

If you’re familiar with our Threadbound Notebooks, you’ll know that both the cover and text paper are detachable.

This allows the book to lay flat without damaging the spine of the cover, but the modular system has also made it very possible to replace your notebooks!

That’s right, refills are now available for your Threadbound Notebook—you can replace your notebooks with the same cover forever!

What about the covers?

Don’t worry, all of our Threadbound Notebook cover designs are now sold separately too.

Whether you accidentally spilt yoghurt on your cover or suddenly decided that you prefer pink, you can now swap your covers for every mood and occasion thinkable.

How it works

You may have tried removing your notebook cover on your own, and you might have realised that it’s not as easy as it looks.

Well, worry no more — we made a tutorial video for you so you can follow the steps carefully without damaging anything by accident.

Starting a new notebook always comes with a fresh feeling mixed with a dose of uncertainty. With a refill by your side, swap out your books or covers anytime to start afresh, or simply just for a change of environment.


You can now shop for refills and covers on our website!


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